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For 21 years the tango magazine TANGODANZA has been the reliable source of information for everyone who deals with the Argentine dance. So for tango dancers and teachers, musicians, DJs, milonga hosts, tour operators, festival organizers, artists, photographers, authors, fashion designers - in short, everyone who has chosen tango as their favorite hobby or profession. What would we be without the many inspiring reports from the tango world, the dance calendar, the music and book reviews, all the background knowledge that the magazine regularly provides us with?

Meeting with the magazine for Tango Argentino

When I started learning to dance Tango Argentino in 2005, I had little idea of ​​its multi-layered culture and the universe of discoveries that lay ahead of me. Gradually my interest grew and I wanted to find out as much as possible - about the music, the dance styles, the history, the historical as well as the current orchestras.

Tango magazine El Cachivache Quinteto
Tango Punk: El Cachivache Quinteto

After all, I saw TANGODANZA for the first time at a milonga and was thrilled. The beautiful photos and descriptive reports spoke to me immediately. Now I had found my source of knowledge and was able to collect a real treasure of information over time! Because every issue of the magazine offered exciting reading stuff that could wonderfully combine information and entertainment - both on the Tango Argentino itself and on topics “all around” such as art, poetry, literature and even fashion.

That has remained the case to this day and I am always happy when I hold the latest issue in my hands fresh from the press. Unlike many online magazines, this publication still relies on the haptic print experience, which I really like!

The Tango Magazine at a glance

  • The publication is Europe’s largest magazine for Tango Argentino.
  • Tango Magazin was founded in Bielefeld in 1999.
  • The content is the presentation of tango from a dance, musical and artistic point of view, as well as current information and events.
  • The magazine appears quarterly in German and is around 100 pages long.
  • The publisher is Tangodanza: Medien.
  • The edition is 4.500 copies.
  • In addition to the permanent editorial team, around 50 freelancers from all over the world are involved.
  • The company's own internet shop "Kiosko" also offers a large selection of products related to the Tango Argentino.
  • Other classic print products are also created in the publisher's graphic area.

Reading material for the tango community

What can the readers expect of the magazine? The content is divided into categories, some of which have sonorous Spanish names such as Danza, Recuerdo, Moda or Galería. This puts you in the tango mood and also gets you to know a few Spanish terms!

Danza - News about tango dance

The articles in this section introduce young or established dancers and dance couples, portray dance schools and milonga organizers or recall famous dancers from the past. Always up-to-date and interesting!

Constantin Rueger and Judith Preuss Tango Magazine
Constantin Rüger and Judith Preuss: "Tango and martial arts are from the same color box"

Events - the dance calendar

The Dance calendar takes up a large part of the magazine. The dates for milongas, festivals, concerts and other events in all German cities are listed here, as completely as possible. There are also events in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other European countries. The offer ranges from Vienna to Copenhagen! The calendar contains all the addresses of the organizers, which is why it also serves as a kind of business directory. In order to always stay up to date, there is also an online version of this section.

Topics - what the reader is concerned with

In this section you will find everything that accompanies tango: politics, fashion, art, poetry, stories, stage productions and other topics that are definitely worth a closer look.

Música - from the world of tango sounds

Here you can read fascinating portraits of musicians, reports on current and historical tango orchestras, personal reflections on musical styles or concerts. In other words, about everything that goes on in the tango music scene!

Recensiones - CDs and books

Also to this section in the Tango magazine readers can always look forward to: The reviews of the latest books, CD and DVD productions. They are written as expertly as lively and thus offer some valuable tips for your own music collection or reading.
(An example: the CD "Tango between heaven and hell" by David Tobias Schneider, which is also included in our blog post Tango songs is presented.)

Juan Pablo De Lucca Tango Magazine
The pianist Juan Pablo De Lucca, grandson of the famous singer Alberto Castillo

The team - in action for the Tango Magazine

A small but very committed team creates an informative, entertaining and high-quality magazine every quarter - for many years with consistently high standards in terms of content and aesthetics.

Olaf Herzog is the founder and editor of the magazine. He is also responsible for the attractive design and layout, while also taking care of the advertising section.

Andrea Konschake heads the editorial office. She is concerned about all topics that might be of interest to the readers. She is also the point of contact for authors and photographers with whom she implements ideas.

Birgit Hohaus takes care of the online shop "Kiosko", which also includes advice to buyers. She also manages the important subscription service.

Christine Grunert is responsible for appointments and events. Therefore, she maintains contact with organizers and has milongas, concerts and other tango events constantly on her radar.

In addition, a diverse pool of changing freelance authors, photographers and illustrators is involved in the content. Correspondents from Buenos Aires and Montevideo also contribute to the success of each issue. What they all have in common is great personal commitment and a lot of passion!

Readers' comments on the magazine

“I am happy every time you send the magazine and enjoy every article, the careful style and the interesting content.”

"Tangodanza not only has a wonderful, unmistakable charm - you have managed to shape the community feeling of tango dancers, because no matter how meticulously different styles are followed, everyone will find themselves in Tangodanza!"

"Everything is very nice and, above all, easily put together ..."

"Great magazine, as a reader I have the feeling that you are really into the people and the topics of the time."

Kiosko - the online shop

"Kiosko" is the name of the Online Store of the magazine. It offers a diverse selection of products related to the tango topic. Music recordings, tango courses on video or feature films can be found here as well as guides, textbooks or novels. There is also tango art of all kinds. Tango fans can fulfill their own wishes or find nice gifts in this comfortable internet department store!

This is what you can find in the kiosko

  • CDs: music of all tango styles and eras, soundtracks, folklore
  • Audiobooks: short stories, travelogues, learning Spanish
  • DVDs: feature films, documentaries, educational films, tango shows or concerts
  • Books: novels, short stories, biographies, poetry, non-fiction books, textbooks, also in English and Spanish
  • Art: posters, placards, calendars and postcards
  • Accessories: hand fans, shoe bags and other accessories
  • Music sheets: Tango arrangements for all instruments
  • Magazines: All previous issues of the magazine

Subscribe to Tango Magazine and don't miss a thing!

The magazine can be purchased at many events and also in tango schools. The best way to get it is by Subscriptionsso that you can't miss any issue!

Support from the readers

In this particularly difficult time, the magazine is all the more dependent on the active support of its readership. Therefore, in addition to the student subscription (€ 38 / year) and the standard subscription (€ 48 / year), the publishers also introduced a sponsorship subscription (€ 2020 / year) in November 58. (Abroad, the annual subscriptions cost an additional € 4 each.) 

We recommend the support subscription to ensure the continuation of the publication! The support subscription can be ordered by email at office@tangodanza.de or by phone at +49 (0) 521-5213850. 

You can also go directly to the Tangodanza website:
To the domestic support subscription
To the international support subscription

Contact Us

TANGODANZA - Magazine for Tango Argentino
Phone: + 49 (0) 521 5213850-
Email: office@tangodanza.de
Go to the Tangodanza website


Cover picture: Angela Sallat and Andreas Küttner, magazine cover from the 4th quarter of 2020. Photo by Ishka Michocka.
Concert photo: El Cachivache Quinteto, photo by Martina Meyer. Other photos: Mikael Holber (Constantin Rüger and Judith Preuss), Johanna Jezernicki (Juan Pablo de Lucca)


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