Tango art gets a platform here. We introduce painters, sculptors, photographers and writers who make this dance and its culture their theme.

“Art is a daughter of freedom.” (Friedrich Schiller)

"Tango Heroes” by Karin Lüders

The Munich painter Karin Lüders is currently working on a series of portraits of Argentine tango singers. This series will include at least eight large-scale paintings. The backgrounds of the portraits are inspired by graffiti from Buenos Aires. 

The idea came about when Karin wanted to express her love for Argentine dance through painting. The golden era of tango with its incomparable “superstars” is a long time ago. However, today a new generation of dancers and musicians has emerged. It keeps the tradition alive in our century and gives it new impulses. Thanks to these artists, people are even talking about a “new golden era”. They were the ones who shaped Karin's personal tango time (from 2005 to today) and filled the music with fresh energy and dynamism.

The style of the artwork is photorealistic, the technique is classic oil paint on canvas. The format is 90 x 120 cm, stretched on a wooden frame. The original images are currently not available for purchase. However, it is possible to receive prints in different formats. (Example: An art print on canvas in DIN A2 format would be offered for approx. 400 euros plus shipping. The edition is limited. If you are interested, please inquire about prices.)

Gallery of portraits:

When Tango Culture meets Street Art

Karin particularly sees the singers as heroes of contemporary tango. They represent certain orchestras and, as their “front figures,” captivate the audience. Through their stage presence and charisma, some of them became true icons. With her Tango art Karin would like to honor these talented musicians and and create a monument to them.

This shouldn't be done in the classic style, but rather bring tradition and modernity together. Karin chose street art motifs from the tango metropolis of Buenos Aires as the backgrounds for her portraits. The result can also be seen as a homage to the street artists there. The realistically painted faces stand in exciting contrast to the backgrounds. These are very expressive in their color and shape. One could say that two worlds meet directly and combine to form a new statement: “Tango is actual”!

  • Tango art Eliana Sosa

    Eliana Sosa

    Eliana Sosa has been the lead singer of the Orquesta Típica Misteriosa Buenos Aires since 2008. She recorded three albums with the orchestra and performed on stage all over the world. She also dedicates herself to other projects. In 2013 she recorded her first solo CD entitled “Sinergia Tanguera”. She gives singing lessons and is also a singer with the Orquesta Juan Pablo Gallardo, with whom she released the CD “De culto y popular” in 2019. Her second solo album “De Donde Vengo” followed in 2021. In addition to tango tracks, you can also hear Argentine folklore and self-written compositions here.

    “Eliana Sosa, tango singer”

    Original painting by Karin Lüders, 2022

    Format 90 x 120 cm, oil on linen

  • Tango art Marisol Martinez

    Marisol Martinez

    Marisol Martinez, who was noticed for her talent from an early age, was the first singer of the Orquesta Romántica Milonguera. With her smoky voice and sensual, self-confident charisma, she contributed to the success of this orchestra. Its special feature is the elaborate music videos in which Marisol appeared. She now sings with other orchestras such as El Cachivache, Orquesta Típica Andariega and La Auténtica Milonguera. She recorded successful albums with all these formations. In 2021 she recorded an album with her own band, “Marisol Martinez y Los Gentiles”.

    “Marisol Martinez, tango singer”

    Original painting by Karin Lüders, 2022

    Format 90 x 120 cm, oil on linen

  • Tango art Ximena Gimenez

    Ximena Gimenez

    Ximena Gimenez became known when she joined the Orquesta Romántica Milonguera as lead singer. She impressed the audience with her beautiful voice, perfect singing technique and original retro look. She is now also a sought-after solo act. In the summer of 2023 she released her first album “Un Infierno”. On this she interprets classic tango songs in her own arrangements. She is currently giving live concerts at many milongas with her band “Los Infernales”. She also appears in several high-profile tango shows in Buenos Aires.

    “Ximena Gimenez, tango singer”

    Original painting by Karin Lüders, 2023

    Format 90 x 120 cm, oil on linen

  • Tango art Javier Di Ciriaco

    Javier Di Ciriaco

    Javier Di Ciriaco was the founder, musical director and singer of “Sexteto Milonguero”. This has provided a fresh, energetic sound since 2006 and has shaped recent tango history. The orchestra reached large audiences on tours through Europe, Asia, South America and the USA. After producing three albums together, Javier released his solo album “Íntimo” in 2016. In addition to tango tracks and Argentine folklore, it also contains pop songs, some of which are original compositions. In 2020, the Sexteto Milonguero disbanded. But its music with Javier's unique voice can still be heard at many milongas.

    “Javier Di Ciriaco, singer/songwriter”

    Original painting by Karin Lüders, 2023

    Format 90 x 120 cm, oil on linen

  • Tango art Chino Laborde

    El Chino Laborde

    Walter “El Chino” Laborde looks back on a long, varied career. He was a co-founder of the Orquesta Fernandez Fierro, which invented a new, rocky style of tango. Further stages in his career included the Chino Laborde Trio and the Orquesta Sans Souci. With this he recorded the album “Porteñísimo” in 2020. He recorded numerous other albums and also appeared in films. Among them was “Midsummer Night Tango”, where he explored the roots of Finnish tango with musician friends. Chino will soon be seen in the feature film “Tuve El Corazón” by Oliver Kolker.

    “El Chino Laborde, tango singer”

    Original painting by Karin Lüders, 2023

    Format 90 x 120 cm, oil on linen

  • Tango art Jesus Hidalgo

    Jesus Hidalgo

    Jesús Hidalgo studied guitar and singing and won several awards as a soloist. He has taken part in festivals in Argentina and abroad, including Spain, Uruguay, Japan, Brazil and the USA. His career included various radio and television appearances, for example he sang in a duet with Inés Cuello. He released several albums such as “El día después” and “Ese Abril”. Jesús sings with orchestras such as La Auténtica Milonguera, Quinteto Leopoldo Federico and Orquesta de Tango de Buenos Aires. A highlight of his career was a performance at the 100th anniversary of Astor Piazzolla in the famous Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.

    “Jesús Hidalgo, tango singer”

    Original painting by Karin Lüders, 2024

    Format 90 x 120 cm, oil on canvas

Vita: from Graphic Design to Tango Art

Karin Lüders was born in Pittsburgh, USA and spent her youth in North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria. Today she lives in Munich. After graduating from high school, she completed an internship with the painter Max Weihrauch in Bad Tölz. She then studied communication design at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Shortly after graduating, she founded her first graphic design studio with fellow students.

She later became managing director of the “Product Innovations” agency in Grünwald. There she oversaw the design of games and stationery for various customers. This also led to a fruitful collaboration with the Walt Disney Company. She then worked as an art director for the Keysselitz agency on Lake Starnberg. This was one of the first specialized agencies for corporate identity. It shaped the appearance of global brands such as Audi, MAN and Philipp Morris. 

After Karin had gained appropriate professional experience, she opened Lüders & Baran GmbH with the artist Michael Baran. The advertising agency was active in the areas of culture, publishing, merchandising and film production. In 1998 they both founded “Don't Tell Mama eV”, a non-profit association to promote young art. The association has now been able to implement numerous projects. These include exhibitions, plays and the feature film “Holy Spirit”. This satirical thriller has received numerous international awards.

During her professional work as a designer, Karin was often involved in creative and cultural projects. Nevertheless, she wanted to work more artistically herself. So she returned to the original driving force behind her design career – painting and drawing. Since 2009 she has been painting primarily portraits, which has always been a particular interest of hers. She developed her masterful style with great attention to detail.

She “encountered” Tango Argentino as early as 2005. Since then she has devoted herself passionately to this dance, its music and culture. From 2016 onwards, she made regular trips to Buenos Aires, where she experienced and got to know the current musicians live in the city's dance halls. Here she found the best motifs for her tango art - the protagonists of contemporary tango music and modern street art.