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"Let's read and let's dance, these are two pleasures that can never cause harm." (Voltaire)

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Apassionata Tango Hotel, Dance Hall With Piano

The Apassionata Tango Hotel in Buenos Aires

If you want to travel to Buenos Aires to dance the tango, you first have to ask yourself: Where do I live? Introducing a special hotel for tango dancers: the Apassionata Tango in the center of Buenos Aires...

Bandonegro in the loft

Bandonegro presents the new album "Color Aires"

The young Polish tango orchestra Bandonegro was founded in 2010 and is now considered one of the best ensembles of its generation. Now the band released their fifth album "Color Aires" ...

Dance fashion tango fashion header

Dance and tango fashion

What should dance and tango fashion be able to do? We introduce popular designers and you can also learn something about the history of tango fashion ...

Ball in the Vienna City Hall, elegant young ladies

Viennese balls and tango in Buenos Aires

In Vienna the tradition of the big balls is kept alive. Today the Tango Argentino is one of them. What do dance festivals in Vienna and Buenos Aires have in common? ...

Ladies Tango Festival Header

The Lady's Tango Festival and fashion

Johana Copes, daughter of Juan Carlos Copes, organizes the “Lady's Tango Festival” in Buenos Aires. There are courses for the best dancers, shows, concerts and fashion shows ...

Tango music header

Tango music live - or played by a DJ

Here we present current orchestras, duos, soloists and tango DJs. Information and contacts for beginners, professionals, organizers, tango teachers and other fans ...

Tango magazine header

Tangodanza - the Tango Magazine

The magazine TANGODANZA is the source of knowledge for everyone who has chosen tango as a hobby or profession. Inspirational reports from the tango world, music and book reviews ...

Tango songs header

Tango songs by David Tobias Schneider

"Tangos between heaven and hell" is what actor, dancer and singer David Tobias Schneider calls his chansons and tango songs, which he is now introducing to the audience ...

Tango films in the cinema header

Tango films with dance in the cinema

Book author and tango teacher Ralf Sartori brings a unique series of films to the cinema: Tango films from all over the world, whether feature films or documentaries, current or historical ...

Tango dance steps lexicon header

Lexicon of Tango Dance Steps

When learning Argentine Tango, one often hears Spanish words for dance steps or styles of music. Our tango lexicon translates and explains the most common terms ...

Milonga header

After the milonga is before the milonga!

The term “milonga” has two meanings: a typical dance festival for Argentine tango or a separate tango music genre with a corresponding dance style ...

Dancing Learning Header

Learn to dance tango - but how?

Looking for the right tango school or the right tango teacher? What good tango lessons can do, how to find dance partners and have fun learning ...

Argentine Tango Header

What exactly is Argentine Tango?

What is the difference between Standard Tango and Tango Argentino? Everything about the characteristics, history, music and poetry of Argentine dance ...